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  • Day 3 & it’s tough but so loving waking up in the morning with a clear head and energy. Like the fact that I don’t need my alarm clock.

    Zawe Ashton, Channel 4 – Fresh Meat
  • I absolutely loved my 3 day Juice Fast by Nosh Detox!

    Georgia May Jagger
  • I was General Manager at Champneys for many years and this is the best detox I have ever done. I lost 6lb. Even after an extremely busy week I was up early on the weekend and went through my day with a great deal of energy.

    Gillie Turner, General Manager Hurlingham Clinic
The 10 Most Common Mistakes of Serial Dieters – Part 2
I know it feels a bit funny to say this, almost……….blasphemous even? But why do we have to have all our bank holidays together like that? Why can’t we just spread them out and have one every other month or something? It discombobulates me to have to keep popping off every other weekend! Yes I Read more
Lyndsey Harrison, Make up Artist Made in Chelsea, TOWIE
“I didn’t really feel I’d lost weight because of the scales(even tho I’ve been avoided them recently) but I decided to take a photo at the week end and then found one from last August. The difference is amazing!!! Thought you would like to see it! I feel really pleased.”

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