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Geeta Sidhu-Robb
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Very easy to use. Loved the variety of the soups which made a great change from some other brands where you have the same two soups day after day. Smoothies/juices were lovely and also varied with interesting nice flavours. Felt full and satisfied. Big thank you for getting back to me to reassure me there would be no garlic included which I am severely intolerant to. Would recommend and will be back for more soon.

Winter Cleanse Programme

Michelle B.


Thanks so much. Love your straightforward honesty. It was exactly what I needed and many of your thoughts really resonated with me. Emotions control the car. Be compassionate you can only influence and control what is yours to control. So refreshing and I felt a real shift change in the car I was driving myself by the end of the session.

Health Coaching with Geeta

Karen S.


Before going on the 28 day alkaline detox I was very bloated, had very low energy and was unable to really lose weight. After 28 days my bloating is basically non-existent, I have higher energy levels and I was able to lose some weight as well. The food was satisfying every day and I was constantly being looked after by the team to ensure I was doing well during the detox and if I needed to change anything or help in anyway. I will definitely be back in a few months when I wish to cleanse again. 10/10 would recommend.

Alkaline Diet


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Why is a Summer Cleanse Good for the Body?
Maybe the word “detox” sends shivers down your spine. You’re imagining heavy green smoothies and strict diets or you aren’t sure that a cleanse would work for you. There’s a reason that summer cleanses are so popular.
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Emotional Hunger vs Physical Hunger: How to Tell the Difference

Emotional hunger, comfort eating, stress binge eating - you may have heard it described in many different ways. 

Emotional eating is a very common problem, but it’s difficult to combat. You find yourself gaining weight quickly, and struggle to tell whether you’re really hungry or just craving something. And the guilt and shame afterward never feels good.

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How to Balance Body Confidence and Weight Loss

Everyday, we’re bombarded with media, advertisements, and other people’s opinions. Usually, they’re all telling us the same thing - You’re Not Good Enough. 

Magazines are crammed with ads, all marketed towards making us feel bad about ourselves so that we’ll buy their product. It can leave you feeling pretty down on yourself.

Yet, real body confidence means being happy with yourself and accepting your flaws. Of course, it’s easy to say it, but it can be difficult to convince ourselves it’s true.

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