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#1 Way To Stay Motivated

Ever wonder how some people seem to be "on" all the time?

I can guarantee you they all have the same thing in common, and it's the secret I'm about to share with you (well really a secret because everyone knows how to do it).

The #1 reason people are able to stay motivated is because they PUT THEMSELVES FIRST!

  • This can look very different from person to person.
  • waking up 15 minutes before the kids for some personal time
  • reading a book
  • journaling
  • meal prepping
  • scheduling in your workout
  • weekly massage
  • saying no to things and making yourself a priority
  • having a bath

Putting yourself first is not a selfish act, although it might sound like it.  It's actually the opposite.

When you put yourself and your needs first, you can then give the best of you to everyone and everything around you.

When you're taken care of, life doesn't seem like it keeps going around in circle with no end in sight.

You feel more energised, happier, less stressed, accomplished, all in all it becomes a win-win!

Here's a little mantra I want to leave you with: "When I put myself first, everyone wins!".

I want to hear from you, hit reply and let me know how you will be putting yourself first in the coming weeks/month.

If you've been struggling staying motivated or the thought of putting yourself first is bloody scary, click here to book in a call with me below and let's start making some changes.