10 Things a Nutritionist Never Tells You

10 Things a Nutritionist Never Tells You

1. A cheeseburger does not suddenly become good for you just because it has a limp lettuce leaf stuffed in the middle of it.

2. When we say eat a healthy salad we really, truly don't mean take some raw vegetables, add croutons, mayo aise, bacon bits, and cheese. And no, that's not slimming.

3. It is not true that diet soda is good for you. No, no, it's not. No. No!

4. Wearing high heels does not make you automatically lose 5 pounds. [Bet you were wondering about the photo huh?]

5. Fruit sugar is not fattening. And that is not an excuse to stop eating fruit and suddenly start eating fat-free chocolate. Fruit is an integral part of your health. Absolutely vital.

6. All calories are not equal. Some high-calorie foods are really good for you and your body uses the calories well. Which ones? Well, nuts and seeds are high in calories. Eat them unroasted and keep them chilled to get the best out of them. Your body will take more vitamins and minerals from them.

7. If you regularly eat that whole packet of biscuits, again and again, I really can't help you. You probably should chat with a psychologist. [I mean, why are you buying them??]

8. It's really not all your fault. Craving sugar is almost an illness. Recent studies have shown that the craving centre in the human brain that reacts to crack cocaine and alcohol is the same place that reacts to sugar.

9. Food diaries really, really suck. They are tiring and boring. But nothing else will get you to know yourself or your habits better than keeping one. Even if only for a week. Go on, you know you want to!

10. Nothing succeeds like a ritual. Nothing. Don't just do something once, because it'll disappear into the ether unless you make it a ritual. Find a time and space for it in your everyday life - and it's there to stay.