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5 Incredible Reasons to do a Detox Now (I bet you never thought of no. 4)

There are SO many reasons to do a detox. But the top 5 that are vital right here, right now are:

1. Raise immunity - The Lymphatic system's purpose is to flush out unwanted toxins from the body. When you detox, the Lymphatic system find it easier to work and do its job. That's good to help your body fight off sickness.

2. Raise energy - When you stop eating, the body finds it easier to do its day-to-day job. ie to have the energy to fight off toxins like viruses, illness and disease.

3. You lose weight - a detox forces a reset of your eating habits and cuts out all processed sugar immediately. Cravings are gone! Our clients report staying off sugar for months after a detox.

4. You have better sex - sex hormones, insulin sensitivity and toxicity from bad eating habits, alcohol, smoking all conspire to kill libido. Doing a detox helps reset your hormones and your insulin levels and it all comes together to boost libido.

5. You reduce food sensitivities. The two most common and harmful food sensitivities are gluten and dairy. Our detoxes take these out of your diet and enable your body to reduce inflammation. This helps your gut to work better and be less sensitised.

None of those reasons speak to you? Well here are my thoughts - we've kind of gone past the initial shock of lockdown, to an adjustment period of phew ok, we're surviving.

But I think now comes the hard time - the not knowing when this will end. That is the worst phase in my mind. Not just because lockdown is not in our control but also because what will the world look like when we come out of it?

Not knowing any of this doesn't make it easier to bear, it just makes us more stressed.

So be kind to yourself over the next few days, and yes part of that is definitely, if you can, doing a detox.

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