6 hormone disrupting chemicals that affect your weight

6 Hormone Disrupting Chemicals That Affect Your Weight

The most frequent question that we are asked by our clients is 'Why are my hormones not working properly? Is this why I'm overweight or tired?

'And women usually think its their thyroid out of balance - or they think their cortisol is too high. But whats important to note is this, usually when one hormone is out of balance they all are a little out of whack.

And when we look at your toxin profile we always see that the higher your heavy metals and overall toxicity, the more your hormones go haywire.

So when your body is not working well, and your hormones are imbalanced you gain weight much more easily.

6 Hormone Disrupting Chemicals That Affect Your Weight

1. BPA - also known as every plastic water bottle ever - is linked again and again through association to obesity.

2. Mercury - can bind to a hormone that regulates woman's ovulation, and can damage cells in the pancreas that produce the hormone insulin. Which affects blood sugar. Its found in fish and fillings.

3. Arsenic - may interfere with the way the body processes sugars and carbohydrates. Its found in food & drinking water.

4. Organophosphate Pesticides - affect behaviour, fertility, testosterone. Its found in the pesticide chemicals we spray regularly on our food.

5. PFC's - are linked to low birth weight and thyroid disease. Its found in non-stick cookware and when other products are made this is the discard.6. Lead - has been linked to brain damage, lower IQ, hearing loss and nervous system problems,and to affect sex hormones. Lead is found in old paint, petrol, batteries and makeup.

When you look at it like this, can we afford not to cleanse ourselves of these toxins?