Adult acne on 72% rise!

Adult acne on 72% rise!

This week we're going to tackle another difficult subject - acne in grown ups. This is another one of those problems that either didn't exist way back when, or we just didn't discuss it much.

However, it's on the rise now and has become such a problem it has its own name - Adult Onset Acne. [Have you noticed that BTW? When something gets a name it suddenly becomes all 'official'? And then we can start fixing it??]

I stumbled on this when I was trying to find something to help my poor spotty son feel like a human being again - instead of the surface of Mars! And it's a difficult topic so I've approached it with a bunch of natural solutions for you to look at and try.

And for those without this problem, these solutions are brilliant for helping your skin out anyway. Have a wonderful week and I am praying for the sun to come out and stay out!

Remember to pack in large quantities of vitamin C and vitamin D this week. It'll boost your immunity and stop you feeling low. No idea how to do that? We are now on Amazon!! Yay! We're very excited about it so click here for suggestions.

'But I'm too old for spots!!' Adult Onset Acne is..... a growing problem for adults these days. What used to be the preserve of teenagers and youths has now started to become an issue for people in their 20's, 30's and 40's. What started as an issue just for women has now spread to becoming an issue for both men and women.

WHY post-teenage years does acne show up:

1. Hormones - hormonal surges cause the body to produce excessive sebum which is a natural oil but being produced at high levels.

2. Diet - Non-organic meats, high-fat dairy products and other foods high in saturated fat can also create acne. With meat and chicken, it's important to be aware that cheap cuts of meat are often treated with hormones for a variety of reasons. With dairy, you run into the same issues with how cows are treated. When we then eat these animals, it affects our bodies and the chemicals get stuck in the liver.

WHERE does it show up?

Your face, neck, back, shoulders, chest.


1. Check there's no medical reason first. For example, PCOS can cause a severe hormonal imbalance which can bring on acne.

2. Always buy the best meat and dairy you can afford to buy. I know, I know, but its just one of those things you've gotta do. Just get on with it.

3. Don't give up fat. Just give up saturated fats - eg fast food.

4. Be aware you need to cleanse from time to time.

Now when I say cleansing what I mean is that you need to give your body a rest. Do I want an argument about whether or not detoxes work? Nope. But do you think your body might benefit from a simple rest from eating and drinking junk and stress? Yes! You get to choose what form that cleanse takes.

For me, I always pick the principle of 'Purify and Nutrify' - ie Juice Fasts plus an Infusion. Decide what yours is and then do it. Prevention is always better than cure.

If you want to chat to me email me and I'm happy to share my thoughts and experience with you. Geeta