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Are you 1 of the 12 who will get diabetes?

At Nosh we know that when people come in regularly for weight loss programmes, that they are most likely constant dieters. They lose weight and it comes straight back on. Almost immediately.

And we know it's not about weight loss.

Here's why -

It's not fat, its inflammation

Inflammation has been a long misunderstood condition. Generally inflammation is considered as a by product of an illness or disease such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, pain, cancer etc.

But actually inflammation is the body's attempt to heal itself.

But from inflammation comes Insulin Resistance. Because the more you are inflamed the more your body reduces its sensitivity to Insulin.

Symptoms of insulin resistance

One of the earliest and most noticeable symptoms of insulin resistance is weight gain, particularly around the middle. That spare tire you just can't shift.

What is Insulin Resistance?

Insulin resistance occurs when the body becomes less sensitive to insulin. Why? When your Insulin levels stay high for a long time, like everything it causes the body’s own sensitivity to the hormone to be reduced.

And once the body becomes less sensitive, it becomes resistant to insulin, which is a much more difficult process to reverse. Not least because the more resistant you are, the more weight you gain, and the more resistant you get.

Causes of insulin resistance:

The Jury is still out on this. But ongoing research is continuing to look more closely into how insulin resistance develops. What we do know is that you can materially change how insulin behaves in your body using nutrition as a tool.

So: what you eat will affect how quickly you convert food to fat and sugar.



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