Are you too tired to make any changes? - Nosh Detox

Are you too tired to make any changes?

Let me know if this sounds like you...

  • You're so busy doing things that its hard to stop and work out what you can stop doing! Trying to work out how get less busy, exhausted and overwhelmed is yet another thing to add to your list…….that you will get to….when you have the time to look at it. At the moment you are too stuck doing the stuff you have to get through every day……....
  • When you sit down to actually think about your life, and how you could change it, you feel so trapped your To-Do list that it's almost impossible (and feels too painful) to work out what you need to be doing to get results NOW.

I get it...

And sometimes feeling this way can actually prevent you from putting yourself in a position to make progress. The line of thinking is...

"Well I'm already busy enough, I don't have time to watch this or book this call, etc."

This is a mental bias that all of us have and it's actually scientifically backed.

Our brains will do almost anything to prevent us from committing too much energy or resource to one task. In your case, it's not that you're not doing enough, it's that you're doing too much. And therefore, there's no time leftover for the right activities... let alone control (which is where real freedom is won).

That's why I am running these complimentary diagnostic sessions.....

"To help you focus in on, and identify, the one thing you can do right now, that will make everything else easier or unnecessary."

It's a powerful statement, and extremely liberating when you do it on a 45 minute strategy session with me.


I had a strategy session with Gabie, who had spent 5 years battling with her physical appearance. She was scared that the great results she had gotten on our ABC programme would not last.

Here's what she had to say:

"I emailed Geeta voicing my worries and she responded by offering me a free consultation. I really felt as though Geeta took me seriously and genuinely wanted to help alleviate any fears.

The consultation itself was great - Geeta was so supportive, encouraging and forthcoming with advice. However, the most important thing she taught me is that Nosh is not about following a litany of dietary rules (something I had always done in the past with little success). Instead, Nosh is about having the freedom to make choices. What a relief!"

If you'd like me to help you feel powerful and in control, have the confidence to change your life and and the freedom to make choices like Gabie, then do as she did and...

Book a call with me here.