Ask The Nutritionist - Why Can't I Lose Weight?

Ask The Nutritionist - Why Can't I Lose Weight?

Q, I have tried many diets yet still can't change my shape! Do you have any advice? Chelsea Reynolds


A: Hi Chelsea, Weight issues can be due to hormones, what you are eating, how you are absorbing your food and the type of exercise you do and your genes. People respond to exercise in different ways. 

There is a new exercise regime at the moment which you will love called 'High-Intensity Training'. It's a new technique which researchers claim can help burn fat and improve insulin sensitivity in just a few 20-30 second bursts of maximum exertion a week. Vigorous exercise is needed to break down the body's stores of glucose, deposited in your muscles as a substance called glycogen.

You could try this exercise regime and see if it works! And do please let me know what happens? Now, some people are 'Non-responders'. They genetically have a hard time at losing weight whatever exercise they do. You can test can be done to find out if you are a non-responder - just email me on


Rule 1 - never starve yourself as this can cause weight gain. Going into starvation mode can radically reduce your metabolic rate and cause you to hoard calories and gain weight instead of losing it. This is the body's natural mechanism to stop you from starving. 


Rule 2 - Juicing gives you plenty of Nutrients to protect your body's natural mechanisms. 


Rule 3 - You can also lose weight by eating 3 mains meals and two snacks as long as you are eating healthy foods 


Rule 4 - Remember we are all different when it comes to eating and exercise. Seek help from the Professionals to find what Health regime is best for you. Angie