Being Energetic for Success - Are you Friend or Foe to yourself?

Being Energetic for Success - Are you Friend or Foe to yourself?

When we look for a solution to being tired, to having low energy levels, it's usually outside of ourselves we look. A cup of coffee. A sugary snack. A quick hit. The core principle underlying this is that we look outside ourselves for a solution. If we do one thing together today, let's try and look at that idea and understand why it's wrong at its core. I want you to understand the principle that everything you are going to BE is already inside you now.


What do I mean by that? You are not magically going to become someone else. It's really not even your job, your soul purpose.nWhat you are meant to do is to become the BEST version of yourself that you can be. After all, a banana tree does not give birth to apples. But there are many, many different kinds of apples. Big ones, small ones, sweet ones, sour ones, green and even red ones.


Which one are you at the core? How much time do you spend daily trying to be someone else? Are you really a banana or an apple? Spending time and effort fighting that inevitability of who you are daily, weekly, monthly takes an enormous amount of energy. Energy that you could be using to becoming a huge, enormous SUCCESS instead.


STEP 1 - So what does Success mean for you right now? Just pick one outcome that is close to your current skill set, and work with that. Then pick the next one and work with that. Repeat.


STEP 2 - Now you just have to put yourself in the Optimum place to be able to become that successful person.


STEP 3 - Then you need to practise being that person mentally and emotionally so you understand what/who that version of you is really well. Like you understand your best friend. Create that mental bridge to that person.



Every night and every morning imagine what you [or he/she] would be:
    • doing,

    • wearing,

    • being, saying in that successful persona.

    • Write down what you see, feel think in that place and time in space. Do it every day until it feels real.

'In 10 days you will feel different; in 20 days you will look different; in 30 days you will be different. ' Geeta Sidhu-Robb [paraphrasing Joseph Pilates a little]