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Ching-He Huang Cooking In My Kitchen - Wok On!

It's always good to have friends in high places!

And when one of your friends is a TV chef who's just launched her 9th (!!) book its even more amazing.

Do any of you remember the video of me-not-quite-burning the pancakes?

Well fear not as this is the exact opposite of that. :) (Had you worried didn't I??)

Ching came to visit me and produced the most delicious food in just under 20 minutes. And - for full disclosure - I should add I forgot to get 2 of the main ingredients, so she had to improvise!

We filmed this at home and not in a TV set, so forgive any weird angles please.



Buy from here and try out her amazing recipes that bring you delicious Chinese food in 30 minutes or less!

I also have a video of Ching cooking with me........(ok, ok, I'm lying it's her cooking and me not burning anything! It works well as a partnership :)

My Best,




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