Conscious Leadership in Times of Turbulence

In times of turbulence it can be hard to see the way clear to your success - let alone anyone elses.

If everyone around you is feeling uncertain and uncomfortable for whatever reason - be it Brexit, a promotion, or even a new pregnancy - it's hard to be the only, overtly confident, person in the room.


Well who are you to say you know what to do? What if you're wrong?

But, times of turbulence are the best time to step up your game.

It's the best time to be the architect of your success.

You've heard me speak before about the fact that women have so many roles in their lives. Proper, full, unassailable success comes from feeling confident across every role in your life.

How do you do that?

Well you start by providing a support system for yourself even while you support everyone else around you.

Exercise To Do In Quiet Space

Write down all the roles you occupy and in which you have to provide leadership in your life now (aka you have responsibility for the outcome)

  1. List the current amount of stress you feel for each one - 5 is stressful, 1 is not.
  2. Define how you see/think what is success for each one.
  3. Who do you have to be to achieve this?

Understand the Problem

We have taken a seat 'at the table' and in doing so kept all our old responsibilities and added on new ones - but in the process given up our power. We've become the victims of our own success in a way. If you niche down to understanding your idea of 'success' your behaviour changes to let go of everything else.

Apply the Solution

Ultimately its to change your vibration and the frequency your energy occupies.


  • Accept your power
  • Get comfortable in your skin

Understand this: Power = Inside Game

If this doesn't feel easy or comfortable book in a session with me and I'll help you with it.

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