Could you speak your mind if your life depended on it?

Could you speak your mind if your life depended on it?

I had a client who came in recently with a tumour in her throat. And although she was going to have it treated conventionally, and had all her Doctor's appointments made, she really wanted to see someone alternative to see if anything else would help.

We sat down and did an assessement of her - Symptom Profiling - to work out what we needed to do to help her.

'Treating Wellness is so different to treating Illness.'

Illness requires you to focus on the problem and find a way to eradicate it. Sometimes at the cost of other healthy bodily functions eg. Antibiotics wipe out all bacteria, good and bad. Chemotherapy is famous for killing off hair growth.

Wellness requires a more strategic approach. And a heck of a lot more questioning - instead of lab testing. Then when you work out what is NOT in balance, you can start to work out how to bring it back into balance.

For my client, it was seeing where and when she kept her emotions repressed. And showing her a safe way to release and express them without hurting herself and others around her.

Why? Because when you don't know how to express yourself or show your emotions, we end up doing it so badly that we remember never to do it again.

But then those very emotions will make you sick if they stay in your body, unexpressed and festering away. They won't show up as an illness immediately, but you can bet your bottom dollar that show up they will.

The Safe Way to Express Yourself
1. Write down the worst of your feelings on a piece of paper as though you were having a direct conversation with the person [only they're not really there].
2. Just keep writing and flowing and writing and flowing.
3. Start with Anger and move to Grief, then Sadness, then Guilt.
4. Burn the piece of paper - don't bother reading it again.
5. The next time you see that person, your conversation with them won't be so 'charged' or hostile and you'll be able to communicate with them easier because of it.