Create strong boundaries to boost immunity - Nosh Detox

Create strong boundaries to boost immunity

1. Gut health

What happens when you feel scared, cornered and trapped? You get stressed, your fear and flight response kicks in and your body pumps out adrenaline to help you get ready to flee. Since we often feel stressed because we find it hard to say no – this then becomes the new norm. But when you do this often enough and your body uses up its stores of adrenaline and creates the steroid cortisol instead which can lead to bloating, gas, bad digestion and even inflammation. The relief you feel when saying no immediately reflects in your gut health.

2. Clearer mind

Thinking clearly when you are going against every instinct is painful and can lead to brain fog. It is very hard to think rationally when you are in an undesirable situation which could’ve been avoided by simply saying no. Saying yes when we don’t mean it will lead to regret more often than not, and regret is a very negative emotion for the mind. As with your gut, freeing the mind of any overshadowing stress will reflect with a clear mind-set.

3. Energy

Doing something which you hate can be exhausting, and hating yourself for saying yes to it is even more exhausting. Have you ever noticed how much more positive energy you give off when doing something you truly want to do? Of course, you have. Conversely how reluctantly do we do something we don’t want to do? Want more energy? Say no when we mean no.

4. Empowerment

Feminine energy is naturally receptive and without strong boundaries, we can be taken advantage of. My first goal when having my daughters was to clearly teach them how to say ‘No’, and it’s surprised me how much of a battle it has been. They hate saying no, and feel physically uncomfortable doing so – unless it’s to me of course! In all seriousness, I have made it my mission to train them to be able to say no comfortably, because falling into the trap of only being able to say yes can be a dangerous prospect. Saying no to a boss, partner or colleague can be a daunting task, but by doing so you can feel a sense of empowerment and strength which will see a weight lifted from your shoulders.

5. Self-care

You cannot pour from an empty cup. Saying yes all of the time is draining and can lead to us spreading ourselves too thin. If you want to show compassion and be giving towards others, it is critical that you apply the same compassion towards yourself. Alone time is key and we all have different ways of relaxing, from cooking a nutritious meal to taking a candle lit bubble bath. Saying no to certain engagements and tasks will free up the time to show yourself the love and compassion you work so hard to show others.