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Did You Get The Flu Last Year?

Did You Get The Flu Last Year?

Did you get flu last year? If you did, I bet it was around this time that people started dropping like flies around you with colds and the flu.

And yes it was right about now. Why? Well, this weekend the clocks go back and our evenings get colder and darker.

The reduced light, warmth and colour of winter can leave you feeling melancholy, tired and irritable. And for many it makes it tough to function during winter and leads to feelings of hopelessness.

So what? Well, when you feel down it depresses your hormone function and your detox functions. So your body finds it really difficult to:

a) perform at optimum and therefore
b) fight germs and bacteria off.

What do you need to do? Keep yourself at optimum by changing and charging your elimination pathways and supporting your body. Start in the most important place by cleaning your liver.

Why? The liver is your gateway to health and vital when your surroundings are changing because it works extra time. Your liver converts toxins into waste to dump and nutrients to energise you. But in any normal life it gets backed up and struggles to keep up, making you feel tired and down.

Post cleanse *energy *weight loss *brighter skin *optimism! (yes really)

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