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Dietary Control of Metabolism - Answer to Weight Loss?

It's fairly common knowledge that a slower metabolism will slow down the rate at which you use up energy. But have you considered that you may be able to control your metabolism through your diet? And that means that your answer to your weight loss problem is right where it should be in your hands and well within reach. Let's try to see how this works.

Far from simple. At the outset, you should be aware that the link between metabolism and weight loss is a little more complex than most of us are aware of. Broadly speaking, you may say that a slim person has a high metabolic rate, while his fat or obese counterpart has a low metabolic rate. But how true is this in reality? In fact, it has been medically proven that this is not so in most cases.

How it works. Weight gain is mainly the consequence of an imbalance between calories consumed and energy expended. There are no simple solutions to this problem. Low-fat diets won't do the trick because fat is also a source of energy. Deprived of energy, you become more sluggish and gain weight. Low-calorie diets are even worse because in consuming fewer calories you are slowing down your metabolism once again, you gain weight.

Middle path. Consuming calories from different kinds of food would appear to offer the best choice. Your metabolism has been conditioned by the kind of food you have been consuming. So what you have to do is to keep changing your pattern of calorie consumption from time to time to break the habit.

A vital part of the success of this process in helping you to lose weight and maintain your health would be to give yourself a break from regular diets. You could perhaps choose weekends to have a change of scene, so to speak. This would have the effect of bucking up your metabolism and giving it a boost.

All you have to do is eat the right kind of food the kind that will give you calories that are easy to burn!! As you take in calories from different kinds of food, your body will be conditioned to burning whatever fat tissue is available and you have the best possible solution to losing weight by controlling your metabolism through your diet over the long term.

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