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Ditch the Bubbles and Step Away from the Sugar!

Ditch the Bubbles and

 Step Away from the Sugar!

A recent study by the Office for National Statistics has found that UK households spend more than £45.00 per week on eating out [].  A fair amount of that spend is the drinks we buy to accompany our meals. 

How often is yours a fizzy drink?

Well I would think twice before ordering a fizzy drink with ice and a slice…a new study by BMC Nutrition has shown that washing down a high-protein meal with a sugary drink isn’t such a good idea.


Well, large soda’s decrease the body’s metabolic efficacy, which can prompt your body to store more fat.  []

But that’s not all.  We already know drinking soda isn’t good for your waistline, your teeth or even the health of your organs, but this study actually shows that fizzy drinks literally change how the body breaks down food.

A study by USDA found that sugary drinks make it harder for the body to convert food to energy and to break down fats so that the body can use them.  [ ]

With Obesity, Diabetes and eating out on the rise it’s important to recognise the importance of watching what you eat, what you drink, and your lifestyle in general. Here at Nosh Detox, your health matters to us, we care, and we’re here to help. Our mission is to purify and nutrify – unleash a healthier, happier you.

Important advice to take away is stick to water, treat yourself to a bottle and yes, you can keep the ice and a slice.

Best wishes,

Geeta and Team.

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