Do You Get Hungry an Hour After Breakfast?

Do You Get Hungry an Hour After Breakfast?

I know that we are always told that you shouldn't skip breakfast.

It's because it is scientifically proven that hunger hormone Ghrelin is at its highest in the morning, hence people who eat a balanced breakfast tend to snack less during the day. Furthermore, if you tend to exercise in the morning, proper breakfast - high in protein and healthy fats, alongside some complex carbs - within an hour of completing exercise is essential. Not only will it keep you energised, but it will facilitate faster muscle recovery and strength consolidation. But do you find that you get hungry an hour after breakfast? And not a simple 'hmm, I could do with some food', but a total monster, 'I AM HUNGRY' type of hunger? Welcome to ............


The Carb Problem

Eating sugar rich simple carbs and high glycemic foods for breakfast causes the body to draw glucose out of the blood and convert it to fuel for the body. This causes a spike in a blood sugar-stabilising hormone insulin. Why is this a problem? Well, insulin spikes are forcing your body into using that blood sugar. If you have more blood sugar than you really need to feed your cells, it gets stored as fat. Hence, weight gain. Also, simple carbs are quick fuel, which will only give you energy for a short period of time. Have you ever eaten oats for breakfast and found yourself starving 2-3 hours later? This results in you eating more. Simply put, you eat carbs >> your blood sugar levels rise >> insulin rises in order to lower blood sugar >> a couple of hours later your blood sugar is too low and you are hungry and tired >> you need carbs again.


Why not try one of the Nosh Green Smoothie Recipes?

The 'Avocado Punch' is a well balanced, nutrient and fat rich recipe which will keep you full for hours after breakfast. Try it, it really works.  In a blender, whizz. A standard glass jug blender is fine, just make sure you whizz well. Serve chilled.n
    1/2 cup of pineapple chunks1/2 avocado, diced
    a cup (2 handfuls) of fresh spinach
    1,5 cups of almond milk, add a bit of water if you prefer your smoothie thinner
    1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds
    a banana (frozen and cut into slices)

How will this benefit me?

Green smoothies with pineapple, high in vitamins A and C, offer pure nutrition and slow energy release. While avocados provide high amounts of potassium and magnesium. Green smoothies are also easy and quick to make and the only equipment you need is a blender.

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