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Do You Need More Energy?

I used to think life was divided up into those that do and those that don’t.


But then I realised life was actually divided into those that do and those that can’t!

When you are exhausted you just do the necessary stuff - and totally not anything ‘extra’.

And we take being exhausted as being just normal for our lives.


In fact its supremely common to make excuses for why we are tired:

  • It's been busy at work
  • The weather's gotten so cold!
  • The kids kept me up
  • I’ve been super stressed.
  • 101 things to do ( or get done)


And the answers are all too well known

  • have you had a coffee?
  • try working out? And the best one……...
  • go to sleep earlier?


By the time someone says this to you, you are usually already overwhelmed with frustration - thinking to yourself, wow, why didn’t I think of that myself???!!!


Have you heard the saying ‘Change comes from the Inside Out?’ Well nowhere is that more true than when it comes to your energy.


Nothing will work to make you feel better, until you make these easy, minor changes in your choices.


And then ALL OF YOU will feel better.


What do you give up doing because you are ‘too tired’ to do it?

  • Seeing family?
  • Seeing friends?
  • Having sex with your spouse? (often the first casualty!)
  • Making an effort on yourself?
  • Smiling a lot??
  • Playing with your kids?


“I have renewed Strength, Energy and Confidence.

After a high flying job in the city over 20 years my confidence was low on all fronts. My energy was rock bottom, my confidence had reached an all time low, I was constantly exhausted. Geeta with all her tools assisted me in replacing that.

I have already seen a difference in myself and as I embark now on a new business of my own I have the belief in myself that I will make it work with my renewed energy and confidence. “Shahin Virani


Raise Your Energy 10x - my 28 day online course on how to stop being tired, miserable and mean to everyone and start being happy and excited by life again is full of small, easy tweaks that are easy to implement.


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See you on the other side,


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