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Does our Digestion Injection Work? [Case Study]

The best part of my job is when I run into clients who think that they have tried everything - and they know that nothing works!

But we've been doing this for years and I know that when it comes to your body, there is something that works. We don't always know what that is though - sometimes its trial and error.

But my Digestion Injection is a thing of pure joy. It does what it says on the tin. If you have a sluggish, stuck digestion and nothing is helping to shift your weight, this could be for you!

We originally got some great coverage for this in the Guardian when journalistZoe Williams was pleasantly surprised with her results- albeit a bit confused: "Now, it is incredibly hard to measure your metabolism. But a week later I was – and I know you will struggle to believe this – two kilograms lighter."

But the good news is she is not the only one who's had amazing results with this injection. We had another client come in who had read Zoe's account............and this is what happened:

"Before I came I'd tried various diets even got a personal trainer 3 times a week doing extensive weight bearing and cardio exercise plus diet and lost nothing, even my personal trainer was surprised. Then, after reading a positive write up in the Guardian I decided to come and do this injection and it had a positive effect - I lost 1/2 stone." Beverley Chambers.

Around Xmas is a good time to boost your metabolism - try this, you'll be pleasantly surprised and it takes an entire 2 minutes!

With love,


Geeta Sidhu-Robb

CEO & Founder Nosh Detox Delivery Ltd

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