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Drink up With These 9 Super Filling Juice Recipes

One of the easiest ways to cram your diet with vitamins and minerals is to start juicing. It is easy to prepare and lets you get healthy, quickly. But how are you supposed to know what tastes good, and what ingredients are actually good for you?

Below, we provide 9 of the best juice recipes to get you started. Juice up and fill your life with health and goodness starting today!

1 Best Juice Recipes Ginger Blast

This will be really sour and have a hit of strong ginger, but will immediately revitalize you. You will need a fresh carrot, lemons, apples, and ginger to make this juice.

Chop the carrot into chunks. Peel the apples, then chop them and place them in the blender with the carrots. Blitz them into juice.

Add lemon juice, then grate in ginger to your liking. Give them one last whirl, and drink your juice in one sour, refreshing shot. 

2 Turmeric Blend

This juice is a little spicy, as it uses the yellow herb Turmeric. Turmeric is fabled for its health benefits, particularly in treating inflamed joints and muscles. It can also improve brain function and fight cancerous cells.

This juice should be great after a long run or workout. It has the revitalizing properties of turmeric, but the soda water will provide a hydrating hit. 

Mix turmeric with soda water and stir. Add lemon and honey to taste. Finally, pour over ice and garnish with a slice of juicy orange. 

3 Green Vegetable Shake

This juice has a very savory flavor and may not be to everyone's liking. However, it is packed with iron and magnesium so is great for anyone doing long-distance running or endurance to replenish the body. 

For this recipe, you will need broccoli, spinach, celery, and a few small carrots. Make sure the spinach is very fresh. 

For this, the preparation is simple. Chop and skin the carrots, along with the celery and broccoli. Then add them to the juicer with the spinach leaves. It may be thick, so add water as you see fit to change the consistency. 

4 Immune System Booster

This immune system booster is a little more tricky to make than some of the others on the list, but the lift to your immune system will be worth it. It is packed with vitamin C and antimicrobial properties. 

For this juice, you will need fresh beetroot, carrots, celery, kale, and garlic. For an extra hit, you can add optional goji berries to give more sweetness.

Simply chop the beetroot, celery, and kale. Grind the garlic into it, then juice. You will find a strong, sweet-tasting earthy flavor that is very enjoyable when poured over ice. 

5 Strawberry Surprise

What is the surprise? Cucumber, of course, and it is in one of our tastiest juicing recipes. For this sweet treat, you will need cucumber, strawberries, red apples, and two carrots. 

This drink is packed with polyphenols that reduce heart disease and cancer. It also has a number of antioxidants that are good for your complexion and hair. 

Chop and peel two red apples, the carrots, and one cucumber. Add the strawberry, then blitz them up in the juicer. Pour over ice to serve.

6 Classic Carrot and Orange

This juice is devilishly tasty and will cram in more vitamin C than you will need in a month. It should take your immune system from zero to hero in a matter of minutes. 

For this juice, you will need a yellow tomato, carrots, orange, and apple. You can substitute the yellow tomato for red and you should aim to use a red apple.

Chop the tomatoes and de-seed if you wish. Peel the apple and carrots, then chop into fine pieces You will need around four carrots per one apple. 

Place them all in the juicer along with the peeled orange. Serve in a tall glass, over ice with a slice of orange in the top corner. 

7 Tropical Tummy Tuck

This exotic little juice is packed with potassium and magnesium. It is great for digestion and stomach problems, due to the inclusion of Papaya. This tropical wonder fruit is also excellent for soothing arthritis or joint pain. 

For this, you will need papaya and a banana. Peel both and add to the juicer for your quick and easy mix. 

Looking to add a little more hydration? Try coconut water or milk to turn it into a totally tropical boost. 

8 Cuban Concoction

All the taste of a Mojito, but without the alcohol. Well, it is a detox after all. In this recipe, you will be left feeling zingy and cool after the herb and acid tang hits your taste buds. 

For this recipe, you will need a fresh lime, sugar, ginger, and mint leaves. Try to tear the mint leaves from the plant and crush them in your hands to release the flavor.

Simply add the crushed leaves and a spoonful of sugar to the juice of the lime, then blitz with grated ginger. Add as much or as little ginger as you like. Serve over ice with a sprig on the mint on top. 

9 Where Did the Mango?

Another one of our great juices to help you feel full, this juice is packed with substantial fiber and oils to keep you going on a hard day or long workout. In fact, it is packed with all the goodness you could want.

The avocado provides good fats in the form of omega 3 oils. The rest provide vitamins B, C K, and E with bags of potassium and magnesium. All you will need are a ripe avocado, a fresh coconut, and a mango. 

Simply scoop out the coconut and cut it into chunks. Place it with the sliced mango and avocado in the juicer. If you want to have it thinner, add some of the coconut water. To serve, place it back in the coconut shell. 

Get Juicing

Of course, you can always experiment! After reading our best juice recipes, try to play around and add some ingredients or take some away. You may create something even better than our suggestions.

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