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How To Create Success

Do you ever think about how you create your success?

Men and women approach success very differently. Men who are successful at work - go forth on the premise they are successful people. Everyone has met the short, fat, obnoxious man who loves himself when he's standing on his wallet!

Women are successful at work and think ...........sheesh why can't Istop eating sugar? Why am I single? Why can't I lose this extra weight? We don't traditionally manage to take success in one part of our lives (for eg. work) and 'see' it across our lives. In fact being women, we beat ourselves up by seeing what isn't successful a lot of the time.

This is as a result of the expectations we are brought up with from childhood - unwillingly and unknowingly absorbed. I teach my coaching clients that there is a 'construct of expectations' (much like a jail!) that we spend our lives within.

It's totally unfair to live like this since its really hard to fight your own subconscious.

As an Indian woman I know a thing or seven about expectations......we are a highly contrived society where the 'correct' behaviour is spelt out from childhood. And woe betide you if you try and break out................

The starting point to figuring this out is this:

- what do you do that baffles you because you can't seem to control it?

- which areas do you feel the most guilt and shame around?

- where do you support others but can't ask for that support for yourself?

Write these answers down. (Thinking about them is not the same)

Email me if you'd like help with these questions.

This process will take you from frustration to freedom.