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Fake It Till You Make It

I had a wonderful experience lately, on my 'Small Business Development' class with a very lovely client who just wasn't getting something I was trying to show her about growing her business.

I tried explaining it several different ways and kept failing. I realised that although the concepts to me were simple, they just didn't work for her as whatever I said, or however I explained it she just couldn't 'hear' me. 

It didn't matter why it just wasn't working. I sat back and thought about it - I realised that she thought this stuff was going to be hard, so for her, it was hard.

So I stepped sideways [metaphorically] and worked out a perfect solution. We created an alter ego for her. 

I am sure this is a therapists nightmare, but when I was younger, I was atrociously shy and insecure. I felt the whole world was looking at me, judging me, waiting for me to make a mistake. EVERYONE knew more than I did. It made day to day life really painful. 

And then I learnt about energy systems. 

Did you know that when you smile, whether it's a real smile or a fake smile, your body reacts the same way? That's right, it can't tell the difference. 

Well, I thought, I am sure I can put that to use! So I found the most confident, likeable, lovely woman I knew and .............copied her. I watched her closely and just did a lot of what she did [stalker city I know!]

And when I didn't know what to do, I asked myself what she would do and did that. 
In the beginning, I felt silly and a fraud. I kept waiting for someone to see through me. Over time, it became natural and now I wear my confidence naturally and work comfortably on stage and on TV in front of huge audiences. I still get scared, but hey, I can always use the adrenaline :) 
  1. What do you wish you were comfortable doing or saying?
  2. Find someone around you who is and watch them doing it.
  3. Take 3 specific instances in your own life and apply that learning directly to them.
  4. Report back to me :) 
Good luck!