Hair today, Gone tomorrow...

Hair today, Gone tomorrow...

I find that when the weather changes like this and all those around you start dropping like flies with a myriad of illnesses, it's often because your body starts to struggle with integrating the change in season. If we eat from the earth; live, breathe and walk on the earth - we are affected in the same way that the earth is affected. When Mother Nature starts to change - be sure you will too!

What does that mean in reality? it means that when seasons change, you'll find your body changes, or your sleep patterns change or even your health starts to falter. I did a juice fast this week to allow my body to get in the swing of things. Normally I find it really hard to get through the first couple of days of a fast. This time it was so easy I surprised myself.

Clearly, I needed it! Today's topic is one frequently one of shame and embarrassment - we're discussing hair loss. This has long been a male preserve but is coming to become one of the top 10 health problems for women everywhere.

Hair Loss - a 21st Century Problem

We had an amazing time this month looking at Hair and how hair loss can be so devastating for both men and women. It's frequently called your 'crowning glory' and how our hair looks and feels is such a barometer of how we feel that we even call them 'Bad Hair Days'.

So what do you do when your hair starts to drop out? How does it affect you? Does it affect how you dress, how you feel? And as a woman suffering from hair loss, who do you even talk to about it? As hair loss has been a male only problem for so long it's not something we often discuss. Yet this is now a really big issue for women - and growing daily.Why? Well its hard to be definitive about the causes - but I have my own list of reasons I've seen here at Nosh.

The top 8 Hair Loss triggers I have seen tend to be:

1. Stress & high cortisol levels.

2. Worry.

3. Excessive adrenaline.

4. Lack of Nutrients - because of either bad absorption in the intestine or poor diet.

6. Frequent flying - meaning more than twice in a month.

7. Vitamin D deficiency - because of its relationship with Calcium.

8. Excess Alcohol - it really strips the body of Nutrients.


4 Symptoms to be aware of that precede Hair Loss: 

1. Breaking and cracking nails.

2. Fat around the stomach that won't shift.

3. Cravings for very salty or sugary foods - showing a lack of minerals.

4. Inexplicable fatigue and sudden drops in energy.


5 Steps to prevent and/or slow down Hair Loss:

1. A really good vitamin in powder or liquid form.

2. Minerals in liquid form which need to be kept in the fridge.

3. A good quality probiotic to heal your gut.

4. A regular Head Massage. It sounds old school but it really works. Every Indian child is brought up having this forced on them weekly from childhood. And look at our hair!

5. My Tip? Well, I didn't even start thinking about this until I set up The Infusion Clinic earlier this year. But after weeks of Vitamin drips [what can I say? I really, really practise what I preach. I love them!] I suddenly found I went to the hairdresser much more often than normal. And that I needed to use a depilatory ALL the time. What was that all about??

So I stopped, thought about it and then started doing the research. And I realised it was a huge topic that no-one is discussing. [So this article really started here and finished at the top of the page - in reverse order, just for a change :)] If you want to chat to me about it email me and I'm happy to share my experience with you.