My daughter asked me last night what I thought success was. And I explained to her that the measure of success is actually very personal - because we use it to define ourselves.

For me, being successful is so important because not only am I wholly committed to it, and deeply ambitious, but it's been a necessity because I am my family's breadwinner. I literally cannot afford to be ill or unwell, or even perform at sub-par.  

In fact I show up as a major commodity in my life because I am so committed to success. 

But being the source of your success, as you get older, does take its toll. It has a price. And although this is different for everyone, I can guarantee you this, it shows up in your most vulnerable spots:

- sleep

- gut health/digestion

- irritability 

- negative thoughts that get harder and harder to escape from.

And what's scary about this is that when you start to 'age' whatever is out of balance starts to get worse bit by bit. Until it starts to affect your work and your performance because you can't ignore that headache, or that indigestion, or that back pain anymore.  


Here is what has had huge success with my coaching clients. Tweak your desires so that you don't any more measure your success. Instead measure your impact.  

Make it your biggest fear that your don't take advantage of every opportunity you can to have an impact.

The dictionary definition of Impact is as follows:

Verb - "a marked effect or influence"

And yes that can mean contributing to charity and doing good deeds.  

But I don't mean that.  

I want you to measure impact every day, in everything you do until it becomes 2nd nature.

So instead of counting money you offer inspiration.

Instead of checking progress you offer solutions.

Instead of buying more you show up more for the people you see every day.

Impact is actually a huge part of success. Success is an outer measurement which creates internal stress.

Impact has inner depth and is felt in your body - giving peace and calm. 

Also impact is measured immediately - because it has immediate results.

It's a small pivot with huge results.

Any problems, give me a call, I'd be delighted to help.