How can you teach your children something You've Never Learnt? - Nosh Detox

How can you teach your children something You've Never Learnt?

We have a saying in my community which I’ve heard in so many other languages and variations - ‘Happy life, Happy wife’.

Trite but so so true.

We take it further in my community. The happiness, the power, the strength of your wife, mother, woman of the house, is that of the next generation.

This means, in essence, that what the woman of the house knows, is what the children know. So we teach our children that the conditions that you have are the ones you have to cope with to live.

Because we temper our desires and dreams to the outside world. But the outside world is not always looking at our interests. Its looking at the interests of big business, of government of trade.

Only you can see what is best for you.

And only when YOU have the confidence to do that can you then teach your children how to look out for their interests.Selfish? No. A decent, confident human who cares about themselves, cares about those around them too. Respect is two sided.

When you don’t know how to respect yourself, your life, your choices, it breeds resentment, and anger. And overwhelm.

When you are confident and calm it makes you generous and compassionate.

But how to get there when you are scared, uncertain, and unsure? When the world is changing around you daily? When you are overwhelmed?