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How Do I Be More Positive?

With the darker weather and shorter days coming in, it really affects our mental health. And it makes it much easier for us to feel down and just a lot more ........sensitive? Stuff you could normally shrug off becomes much harder to let go of. And we tend to get angrier quicker. And down feel down more often.

I want to introduce you to two habits that will keep you sane, grounded and even tempered no matter what's going on around you. One is a morning ritual and one an evening one.

If you have spent any time around me at all, you'll have heard me talk about them - but the genius comes from doing them daily. They start your day right and finish you off right!

Morning Ritual

Take a pen and paper every morning and right down 3 things you have to be grateful for.


1. New stuff every day for a week at least.

2. Be specific and add detail.

3. Try and make one about you personally. For eg. I am grateful I have beautiful hair.

4. Start each sentence with 'I am grateful for...........' or 'Thank you for......'

Evening Ritual

Take a pen and paper and write down everyone that annoyed you today. Just their name will do.

Then go down the list and see that anger floating off as you release it - person by person. If you find it hard to do, literally imagine a red ball of fire leaving you as you think of each person.


1. No detail - it makes it stick more.

2. No thinking! Do not go down the road of justifying why they deserved your anger. It makes it stick more.

3. If its the same person day in and day out on this list, lets talk.......... :)

Let me know how you find it.

Repetition pays huge dividends in this instance.

With love,


Geeta Sidhu-Robb

CEO & Founder Nosh Detox Delivery Ltd

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