How Harmful Is Fruit Sugar For You?

How Harmful Is Fruit Sugar For You?

Sugar is bad for you! Surprised? You shouldn't be since sugar has now become the worst enemy of every thinking person across the world. But that huge reaction against sugar has predictably gone to an extreme. Now everything sweet is suspect. We've thrown the banana out with the Haribo. 


Why? We look at fruit and think it's as bad for you as a sweetie. It's important to understand the difference between refined sugar and naturally occurring fructose. This is made more difficult when you get fruit juices that contain fructose, but it is chemically made fructose. For the body that has a similar effect to refined sugar. 


I have been selling Juice Fast programmes for over 8 years and in all that time, not one of those thousands of people has ever been on a juice fast and come off it craving sugar this despite the fact that they are solidly fruit juices. They all report a reduction in sugar cravings and a reboot of the system.


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So why is that? Because fructose is naturally occurring and presenting WITH fibre so that the body can make the most use of it. Also, processed sugar feeds cancer and natural sugar doesn't. The Gerson Institute actually uses natural juices (with fruit sugar obviously) to treat cancer. People try to feel safe by requesting vegetable juices, not fruit juices but vegetables also contain sugar ie. fructose. And some vegetables contain a high sugar content but we don t think why that is good for you and fruit juice isn't


Refined Sugar vs Fruit sugar - 1

How exactly does the body recognise sugar from a snack candy bar versus a piece of fruit like a mandarin? White sugar doesn't have the fibre, antioxidants, and vitamins you would get from mandarin for example. So it will affect your blood sugar/insulin levels differently than a mandarin because of the rate at which the sugar is metabolized. So for example sugar cane is a good source of iron and trace minerals. From it come two products - white sugar and molasses. However of the two of them only unrefined Blackstrap molasses is a good source of iron and other trace minerals and white sugar is not. The refining process strips the raw fruit of its goodness.


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This is called: your tongue can t tell the difference but your body can Sucrose = Fructose + Glucose and sucrose is bad for you but fructose and glucose are not. Huh? Fact 1: Table sugar = sucrose. Fact 2: Sucrose occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables. But when the fruit or veg is consumed, the enzyme beta-fructosidase separates sucrose into its individual sugar units of glucose and fructose. Both sugars are then used up by the body. The objective of the digestive process is to turn everything you eat into glucose, vitamins and minerals, water (H2O), and carbon dioxide (CO2). 


So why is processed sucrose bad for you? Because sucrose immediately becomes glucose, which spikes blood sugar levels and causes the blood to create insulin in order to utilise the glucose and take it into the cell. That starts a cascade of insulin resistance (insulin promotes sugar uptake from blood) which leads to chronic metabolic disease, including diabetes and heart disease. The '-OSE' suffice usually indicates a sugar in chemical terms. There are other sugars that occur in nature:


Lactose -- milk sugar
Fructose -- fruit sugar
Maltose -- a plant sugar usually found in fermenting grain
Dextrose -- another name for glucose.
But the most famous '-ose' is SUCROSE -- plain old table sugar.


Refined Sugar vs Fruit sugar - 3

Lies damned Lies - HFCS The worst lie of all is a corn syrup based fructose called HFCS and considered to be one of the main reasons for America s obesity epidemic. HFCS was added to all take out soft drinks and food as well as refined foods. I believe this to be the single reason why people believe fruit to be bad for you. They hear fructose and understand HFCS. But it's not in the interest of big food companies to enlighten them. Highly refined fructose is differently metabolised to fructose in its whole form. Numerous US case studies show how it's creating an epidemic of disease as people believe it to be - natural and - healthy. Research by Cambridge University suggests fructose may be helping to fuel rising levels of dementia. Laboratory studies have linked high intakes of fructose with the formation of beta-amyloid plaques in the brains of animals. These plaques are frequently seen in people with Alzheimer's.



This is an area never discussed but this process takes good, healthy fruit blended into juices and then boils them down into a sugar solution. So we go from glucose and fructose straight into drinking coloured sugar water. Cold press is illuminating this area and will eliminate pasteurisation in the long term.


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