How to prevent illnesses using 4 simple steps

How to prevent illnesses using 4 simple steps

I recently had the privilege to listen to the esteemed author and transformation expert Deepak Chopra speak and he said one thing that really caught my attention. He said that of all the illnesses in the world, there are only about 5% that are genetic, incurable 'proper' illnesses. The remaining 95% are stress related and stress caused illnesses.

Does it strike you as being true? I mean does it seem to you that we spend so much time being stressed out that it will ultimately be one of the most important factors to our health? He then also said that most of us are so used to living under such an enormous burden of stress that we have mistaken 'coping' with stress as living 'without' stress.


Does that sound true?

We do these 4 exact steps to prevent illnesses:


1. Remove the foods and additional factors that have damaged the gut lining.

2. Replace with healing foods.

3. Repair with specific supplements.

4. Rebalance with probiotic nutrients.


It is truly remarkable the effect it has on your health.


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What have you done that looked like an easy fix but had a huge difference? Let me know!