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Stop Sugar Cravings Instantly

Let's be honest, we all crave a little something sweet at one point or another. A sweet tooth can be hard to curb, especially when you're on a diet and trying to cut out sweets. When you cut a food group out of your diet, it's common that you crave that food even more.

Do you have a big sweet tooth? Are you trying to cut back on sugary, unhealthy foods? Here are some tips to trick your sweet tooth and satisfy those cravings.


Tips to Trick Your Sweet Tooth


Eat fresh fruit - The obvious choice to help satisfy your sweet tooth is to snack on some fresh fruit. Fruit is naturally sweet, but also contains beneficial nutrients that those high-fat, high-sugar foods can't compete with. Berries are especially good at curbing a sugar craving as they're easy to snack on and are packed with antioxidants.


Eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate - Sometimes you just get into one of those moods where you have to eat some chocolate. Dark chocolate promotes a healthy hart and is much healthier than regular chocolates. So instead of reaching for a milk chocolate bar, try some dark chocolate instead. Fruit dipped in dark chocolate is also a great sugary snack without indulging in high-fat, high-sugar foods.


Make homemade protein balls - An easy way to eat healthy snacks that will still satisfy your sweet tooth is to make them yourself! Protein balls are incredible easy to make and can be personalised to satisfy your exact cravings. Add in some dark chocolate, banana, and peanut butter to create a healthy, protein filled snack.


Eat yogurt instead of ice cream - If you're craving something creamy like ice cream, try some yogurt instead! Yogurt is a great food to help control your appetite and satisfy a sugar craving. It can be topped with berries, granola, or some dark chocolate chips to create a yogurt parfait.

Try indulging in some of these healthier options next time you have a sugar craving to trick your sweet tooth and still feel satisfied!

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