International Raw Food Day – Green Power Smoothie - Nosh Detox

International Raw Food Day – Green Power Smoothie

It's time to go RAW! That means you need to stop cooking, cleaning up pots and pans, stop feeling heavy and lethargic after you eat and above all stop complaining about your weight!

I became a Raw Food Chef over 3 years ago and I have never looked back. I ate fully raw for over 2 years and now do around 60 – 80% raw.

The benefits of eating raw are utterly huge. Here are some below:

-It tones up your digestion when you eat high fibre products;
-They are very hydrating as they are not only full of liquids but they also don’t use up a lot of your bodies water to digest them;
-Your body naturally treats raw food as a detox and sheds any excess weight you may be carrying as it rebalances yourself;
-Raw food is very alkaline so it makes your body less acidic and healthier;
-Raw fruits, particularly when blended into juices help you to restore your gut health.

I know that it’s really hard to eat raw when you are used to eating cooked food. So, I’ve created a plan to get you started. And yes, some people find it very hard to do only juice so we’ve got an option for you too!

The first option is the 3 Day Raw Detox – this will reset your digestion, cleanse and detox you, and totally help you rebalance your weight and energy. The 3 Day Raw Detox package is everything you need for a painless yet effective juice detox. 18 Raw Juices and 6 Raw Cleansers that will restore, rebuild and reenergize you all in three days.

The second option is the 3 Day Alkalise, Balance and Cleanse (ABC) Plan - this option is ‘Raw till 4’ where we give you raw food whilst your digestion is at its strongest and then cooked food at night so you don’t bloat. This is a slower, calmer option to transition to raw food and after 3 days you can transition to the 3-day Raw Detox.

And to make it totally effortless, we’ve created an amazing deal for you for – we will be having a 24-hour flash sale on July 11 for International Raw Food Day.

Both the ABC programme and the 3 Day Raw Detox will both be 40% off for 24 hours only!

Until then, here is my favourite Raw Green Power Smoothie recipe. The smoothie will give you all the energy you need to hang on until the flash sale for International Raw Food Day!

Green Power Smoothie Recipe:


-1 handful of lettuce roughly ripped into small pieces (or spinach if desired)
-a stick of celery
-1 cup of grapes or more to taste
-1 cups of water and ice to dilute
-Any green superfood powder (or you can try goji berries or flaxseed powder)


      1. Blend until desired consistency

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