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Is Confidence better than Perfection?

Does that sound like a funny question? The thing is that social media has created an environment where women are under more and more pressure to look perfect all the time.

If you are posting parts of your life all the time, you are unwittingly or wittingly 'on' all the time.

That creates an enormous pressure to be perfect on every level.

Speaking to a woman in her 30's today she told me that her friends in relationships felt that they were 'disposable'. I asked her what it meant and she said that when you were in a culture where literally second by second, good looking, hot, available women were in front of your man all the time, she and her friends worried all the time that they could be so easily replaced.

I don't know about you but that depressed the crap out of me!

Why would see yourself as so ............interchangeable? Unforgettable?

And honestly this is the modern version of........ 'just smile'!!

If you feel this unsafe and unsure in your primary intimate relationship, you are totally giving away your power and making yourself weak. Also if you think this is true, there is no way you are putting down the boundaries you need in your relationship. It is in no way serving you.

Lets look at this another way. When you see someone in perfect make up, perfect body, perfect look - you admire them don't you? But if there are 10 of them in a room, you stop admiring them and start picking them apart to work out who is best.

But if you see someone who is smiling, laughing, confident, shining, how often do you remember what they were wearing? What their make up looked like? Or how good you felt when you were with them?

I think this stems from our desire to be liked.

Let me tell you what I always say 'Your opinion of me in NONE of my business.'

(Also known as bite me.....) Some people love me, some hate me. Meh. So what? But very few people forget me once they've met me - for good or bad :) I am 100% not interchangeable with someone else.

Your only goal in life is to develop your confidence.

Develop it to such an extent that when someone walks away from you, that's what they remember about you.

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