Learning How To Sleep

Learning How To Sleep

I have been travelling a lot recently for work and the jet lag when I get back is always a killer. Even when you don't have time lag problems. 

I really hate the heavy feeling that comes from being tired - you feel snappy, your brain is in a fog, and everything but everything just takes SO long. Oh my god. It's like having a personality transplant - to a much less nicer me........

At other times where I find it really hard to sleep just .......because. I may be overworked, or worrying about something, or just wide awake for no reason I can think of. It's so frustrating and isolating and just impossible to explain how despairing you feel in a situation like this.

I have below an exercise to find your Sleep Profile and then some questions to ask yourself.

Your Sleep Profile - Which one are you?

I was amazed! I found this such and interesting process as I met EVERY single criteria on the list. Not just one or two! It's amazing. Try and work out yours as creating and understanding your sleep characteristic profile is SO IMPORTANT because it enables you to plan the most productive routine for you and your lifestyle:


AM Larks - Do You:

Enjoy breakfast - it's the best meal of the day?

Wake naturally - and find it easier to work in the morning? 

Feel most alert around midday?

Find you suffer more from jet lag?

You have no tendency to fall asleep during the day?

You prefer to exercising the morning?

You prefer to go to bed early.


PM Owls - Do You:

Skip breakfast - your best meal is dinner [ME!]?

You need an alarm clock to wake up?

You find it easier to work in the afternoon?

You are at your most alert early evening?

You cope better with jet lag?

You find you would like to or need to take a nap?

You prefer to exercise in the evening?

You have variable sleep times?

For example, you stay up later and sleep later into the morning on weekends? [Me, me, me!]


7 Incredibly helpful sleep solutions

1. Food - Certain foods create a chemical reaction which can STOP you sleeping, and some can just make you crash within half an hour.

2. Exercise - When should you take it to make your sleep the best.

3. Meditation and relaxation techniques - They are not the ones that you think!n

4. Sensory Systems - Use smells to help you to sleep. It's incredible how effective they are.

5. Power Naps - How long should they be, and what terrible consequences there are if they are too long.

6. Routine - How to create one, what 3 things you need to make it the most effective personal tool in your life.

7. Supplements - Highly effective, everyday items that will drag you into sleep, daily! More answers to getting better sleep below.

Your Sleep eBook Simply download your copy here :) Please be patient...it may take a while (15MB), but well worth the wait ;)