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Life Today: Full of Unexpected Bonuses

I was sitting down after dinner with my kids last night and I suffered one heavy shock after another. Literally.

On one side I had a child reading a book. I mean one made of paper? And she was 19?

On the other side my daughter was actually talking to my son. Talking. I mean like conversing people. You know? And their respective ages were 17 and 23. (There have been times I wasn't sure they knew they were related!)

Another family member was telling a story..............and being listened to by someone else! Withno eye rolling.

I couldn't understand why it all felt so funny, until it hit me.

I grew up in Malawi, C. Africa and this is literally how I grew up.

We had no TV.

We deffo had no internet.

We sometimes had no electricity.

So we ...............talked, we read, we chilled. And my dad told us stories. Which we loved.

But today? It's really interesting to me that we are actually living in an age of constriction. We are used to freedom of movement, we are used to freedom of time, we are used to having spending power.
And here and now, we have none of those things.

And yet, I am feeling super blessed. Had this been 'normal' times, my son would have been on a video game, and my daughters out somewhere being......teenagers? I'm pretty damn sure not a one of them would have been reading a book and talking to me, let alone each other.

Since I can't see my 86 year old mother (shes self-isolating) and I miss her, I put her on the winter cleanse to stay healthy! Shes rocking it.

I send you much love and blessings, let us know if and how we can help.

Speak soon.

My Best,


CEO & Founder

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