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Mindset Changes in Women over 40

So much changes physically in women, but what we don't talk about is the mindset changes that occur as well.

Did you know that menopause used to be called the change?

If you google this concept, it is mind blowing as to why it used to be labelled this way.

Basically, the change meant that your body was changing from being able to have babies to no longer being able to conceive.

As women, this has been a very detrimental transition because of the way society viewed this.

Let me tell you why this is NOT the case.

The truth is, there is another change that happens when you hit perimenopause and it has nothing to do with being fertile.

The biggest change that happens to women going through perimenopause and menopause:

Women go from outward-facing, people pleasing, putting themselves last & saying yes to everything else but themselves to finding their voice and really understanding their true desires out of life.

The reality is that women going through the change start to find their voice. 

When you start to find your voice, you learn a magical little word – NO…

Not now…
Not today…
I’m just not interested…

This change is the perfect opportunity to learn WHO you are, WHAT you like, WHAT you want and WHY you want it.

Now that is the REAL change!

It’s no longer about feeling like you have nothing to offer, it has become one of the most empowering phases in a woman’s life.

So, embrace the CHANGE, and allow yourself to flourish! 

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