Mushroom, Chickpea , Parsley and Spring Onion salad with Tahini dressing

Mushrooms and Chickpeas are full of protein and fibre.The apple cider vinegar helps to regulate the body's acid levels and there have been claims that it supports the liver too.

Unbelievably easy to make, unbelievably tasty. 

(Serves 4) 


4 cups of button mushrooms, roughly chopped

2 cups of cooked chickpeas

1 cup chopped flat leaf parsley

1 bunch of spring onions, slicedn1 lemon, juiced

5 tbsp Tahininsalt and pepper to taste 



STEP 1: Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and toss until they are all covered with the lemon juice and Tahini.

STEP 2: Eat & ENJOY!