Nutrify All The Way

Nutrify All The Way

We've seemed to have turned a very wide corner with our food these days. Food used to be about petrol, fuel. Stuff that you needed to get up and move every day. Then over time, it became about taste. Then it evolved even further and became about colour and shape.

Nowadays people choose what to eat based on a flavour or a brand or even an animal. As in 'Let's eat chicken tonight.'

No, there's not really anything wrong with that at all. It's just that in the process of all of that decision-making, the fact that the meal you are about to eat is supposed to provide you with nutrients is totally forgotten.

My daughter will eat something and I will say, 'Where's the protein?' and she will look blankly at me. Get it? No?

Ok, would you buy a pair of shoes you can't walk in, just because they look good? [i know, I know. Doh! Stupid question] But eventually you also need a pair of shoes you can walk in, no matter who you are. So treat your food in the same way.

Get your funky food that looks interesting/exciting/over-flavoured. And then get your basic nutrients in too.

So in every meal eat protein, carbs, raw green leaves. Alternate that with grains, legumes, raw green leaves. The days you can't do that, supplement again and again.

The question to ask yourself at every meal is 'Where are the nutrients in this meal?'