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Our Core Values at Nosh Detox

We Empower People
    Nosh Detox is based on this principle. We create every programme we do for individuals on the basis that good health is not necessarily a sexy concept but it's really empowering. When you feel mentally and physically fit, strong and able is when you can do your best work and more importantly live up to your full potential.
We listen, we care, we support
    the cornerstone of our service is that we are always there. Whether you are currently on a programme or not, our support is always available for you. And it costs you nothing at all to just chatting to us. 
Our Communication is Open and Truthful
    it's really important for us to let clients know which programmes do not work for them. We never sell for selling's sake. If a route is right for you, it will work so incredibly well that it will change your life in days. So we continuously communicate what we think needs to happen.
We Are Accountable to You
    we lead in the relationship and do what we say we'll do. We can't help what you do when you leave us, but we always, always will share our experience and opinion and deliver to the result we are both aiming for.
We Manage Challenges & Negativity
    - We see our role as being cheerleaders for our clients so we hold their space in wellness until they can step up into it themselves.
Bringing No Ego
    well, it's always about empowering the client. We want them to take away tools to be able to help themselves. Not making them dependent on us. So we help clients to understand what they can do to help themselves at every step of the way. We want you to choose to work with us because you love us, not because you have no choice.
We Commit to I ovate & Improve
    within the health space in the UK we've created almost every major change that has occurred within the last 7 years. I think this is really, at core, our job. I ovation allows us to see client's problems with a new lens and gives them new hope. And that makes them willing to try out a new way. That is the first step to change.
We Commit To A High Standard of Ethics
    I love this because in the health & food industry and the pharmaceutical industry this is not at all the norm. We never buy processed, chemical, fake food. We cook from scratch. We make fresh food. We don t rotate menus. We don t buy cheap food in bulk to increase margins. We even feed all our staff with the same food we feed clients because our food is full of goodness. We practise what we preach all the time, every time.
We Believe in People and Their Dreams
    - I believe everyone has the right to live pain-free, strong, healthy, and happy to the end of their days. And I believe we too easily give up our power to the medical and pharmaceutical industries and pundits who say otherwise. Your whole body remakes itself continuously. Choose for it get better all the time.
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