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QUIZ: Are You Addicted To Sugar & Carbs?

QUIZ: Are You Addicted To Sugar & Carbs?

How Much Sugar Are You Consuming?

Surveys by the USDA suggest that sugar consumption has increased more or less yearly since 1982 and it's generally sugars such as beet or cane sugar, corn syrup, and corn sugar. This drastic increase is commonly related to popular soft drinks and processed junk foods i.e. coke, orange juice or chocolate bars. Soda consumption has increased radically since earlier decades with major soft drink corporations earning billions of dollars from sales. It s estimated that roughly 33% of added sugar intake is entirely from soft drink consumption. Many TV Ads, billboards and magazines advertise the taste, but what they fail to mention is the negative impact sugared soft drinks have upon our health. It has been shown that it increases the risk of obesity, which in turn increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases. Studies conducted in 2012 also suggest that it may disrupt one's ability to think clearly.


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So How much are you consuming with these common foods?

1 tsp sugar = 4g

4 tsp sugar = 16g

Daily Calorie Intake Grams Of Sugar Teaspoons
Women 1,200 21g 4
Men 1,500 26g 6

      A candy bar with 24g is equal to 6 CUBES OF SUGAR
    • An 8.3oz can of an energy drink with 27g is equal to 7 CUBES

    • One pint of vanilla ice cream with 84g is equal to 21 CUBES

    • A litre of soda with 124g is equal to 31 CUBES

    • 2 pancakes with half cup syrup is equal to 9 CUBES

    • A single cookie with 18g is equal to 4 CUBES

Take the Quiz Now

      You eat certain foods even if you are not hungry because of cravings (YES/NO)
    1. You find yourself worrying about cutting down on certain foods (YES/NO)
    2. You feel sluggish or exhausted from overeating (YES/NO)
    3. You have health problems or struggle socially because of food issues and yet can't seem to stop eating the way you do (YES/NO)
    4. You spend more time dealing with guilt, shame or confusion from overeating certain foods, instead of spending time with family, friends, work, or fun (YES/NO)
    5. You have had withdrawal symptoms such as agitation and anxiety when you cut down on certain foods (not including caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, and energy drinks in this) (YES/NO)
    6. Your behaviour regarding food and eating causes you significant distress (YES/NO)
    7. Issues related to food and eating are decreasing your availability to function effectively on a day to day basis (YES/NO)
    8. You need more and more of the foods you crave to experience any pleasure or to reduce negative emotions (YES/NO)

Working Out Your Results: 3 Yeses or less...Doing good, work to stay that way.4 Yes's or more...Change your habits now.
    • You need to start looking at your diet now.
    • Start making cleaner and healthier choices.

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