Raising Your Energy

Raising Your Energy

There are three things that human beings are the most desperate to change normally - I wonder if you can guess what those are?

That's right - their health, their wealth and their relationships.

How many of us, when you have finally given up looking for a relationship and decided to just enjoy being single and happy and BOOM! Your prefect partner just comes walking around the corner and, even better, totally adores the ground you walk on!

And when you just decide to relax on that commitment you've been chasing for ages and the other person is refusing to commit to the deal. When you think, 'Oh what the heck. I give UP!' and just at that minute they ring you and say 'Yes please.' Does it sound really, really corny? It's not you know. Its all about your state of mind.

There are just days when dropped socks and flat tyres don't rattle you. When a lunatic, picky, annoying boss and whining children just don't faze you. And when an unexpected bill does not reduce you to tears.

Think about the last one of those days you had. What was it they all had in common? How were you feeling then? Yes, the one thing that you weren't was tired. You also felt calmer. You felt more grounded and more centred.

In other words, you felt like you had enough ENERGY to deal with these things. It's not that they weren't annoying, frustrating or depressing, it's just that you had the ENERGY to feel grounded and calm within the eye of the storm.

think back to the last 5 confrontations you were in - how were you feeling that day? 
Did you sleep well the night before; had you drunk a little too much; were you feeling unwell and this was the straw that broke the camels back?
What was the COST to you of having low or even NO energy in that instance? 
How would you have handled it better if you'd felt rested, calm, strong? 
With the ability to retain a sense of humour? 
Be honest with yourself, it will help you find a way to recognise it before it happens.