Reasons Why Bad Breath May Be Linked to Your Health

Reasons Why Bad Breath May Be Linked to Your Health

I know, I know, this is such a touchy subject!! And it's much worse when the person with the bad breath doesn't even know it! My point to this is - just don't let it be you. I once had an optician with horrid breath and it made going for check-ups so awful I actually had to move. Well, what else can you do? I wasn't about to say anything about it! Have you ever told someone they had bad breath? Email me if you did at 


The good news is you can fix it. The other good news is that if you try everything and you haven't fixed it; make sure to get a check-up. It can be a sign of something not working in your stomach.


Bad Breath Ruining Your Dating?

What causes it?

An Imbalance of hydrochloric acid levels in the stomach ie. when they are low, can lead to badly digested food and potential H. pylori infections. What does that mean? That means undigested food in your gut can cause bad breath. It also means you can develop bacterial infections in the stomach lining and small intestine. As these bacteria breed, they cause a toxic environment in your gut and voila, bad breath! Bad Breath must be taken quite seriously because it can be a sign that the body is toxic and your entire digestive system may be under performing. Other causes of bad breath include smoking, excessive drinking, and dehydration.


What to do about it?

Firstly take care of your oral hygiene, floss between your teeth and have dental hygiene appointments at least twice per year. Why? It may just be the bacteria in your mouth that are causing the bad breath. This is an easy solution, so you want to start here. Secondly, while you are there, have your gum health checked too. Rotting gums can cause bad breath. As your gum health improves, your breath will too. And it's a really good thing to catch this quickly as you can lose teeth with gum disease. Thirdly, start an alkaline diet to help the stomach to easily reset itself. As you rebalance this under-acidity the stomach naturally can produce more hydrochloric acid to fight the bacteria and kill off infections.


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Fourthly take Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 tablespoon in 150 ml of water 20 minutes before mealtimes. This improves the hydrochloric levels and helps massively with digestion. You will notice the effects of this within a day or two.