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Should You Do a Liver Cleanse?

Your liver’s main job is detoxifying your body. Without the liver, your body would have no way to breakdown, eliminate, and metabolize toxins, chemicals, and more. 

Yet, the liver is a very neglected organ. Many individuals don’t realize how much burden they place on this necessary piece of the human body. For example, alcohol and drugs (including prescribed medications) put an abundant amount of stress on the liver. 

Unfortunately, signs of liver damage or failure often come too late. Toxins and chemicals build up in the body, frequently leading to an array of health issues - many of which are hard to reverse. Thus, you should strive to treat this organ right. But how?

Liver cleanses can help your liver function at its best. This means that the rest of your body functions better too. In this article, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty details regarding liver cleanses. But first, let’s try to better understand the liver and how it works.

Understanding Your Liver

The liver is your biggest internal organ. In fact, its size is comparable to that of a football. Located in the upper right portion of your abdomen, your liver tirelessly works to filter your blood as it leaves the digestive tract and enters the rest of your body. It also secretes bile which helps breakdown fats in the small intestine. This bile is actually made from by-products produced as the liver breaks down harmful substances.

The liver also stores carbs as glycogen. This ability is important, especially as you sleep. When the liver is functioning optimally, your body stores glycogen. This glycogen is released as glucose when your blood sugar levels drop during the night. In other words, the liver can play a key role in blood sugar regulation. 

Your liver is an essential organ

In addition to these functions listed above, the liver is also involved in over 500 functions - all of which are important for your survival. The liver further helps balance your hormones, regulates the cholesterol within your body, regulates the supply of vitamins and minerals, and helps manufacture certain proteins. It’s undeniable; this is one organ you don’t want to mess with!

What is a Liver Cleanse?

By now, you probably understand how important your liver is to your overall wellbeing, health, and life. When the liver doesn’t work properly, your body doesn’t either. So, what on earth is a liver cleanse? And why should you do one?

A liver cleanse basically cuts your liver some slack. It gives it time to recoup. It also helps replenish the minerals and vitamins that are essential for its proper function.

Usually, this type of cleanse involves consuming juices or certain foods for a set amount of time, such as four days, to promote optimal liver health. 

With Nosh Detox, we offer a 4-day liver cleanse, which involves smoothies, healthy meals, juices, and a liver flush.

How Does It Work?

Basically, a liver cleanse or detox helps your body flush out toxins. You can think about it like a ‘reset button.’ And it provides your body with the right fuel and ingredients to do so.

However, a liver cleanse should not be attempted by someone who has liver problems or a liver disease. Please consult with your doctor before beginning any cleanse, especially if you have a history of health issues.

The Benefits

Doing a liver cleanse isn’t just about your liver either! Through a liver cleanse, you’ll gain the following benefits.

1. More Energy

Who doesn’t wish they had more energy? With more energy, you can improve your performance in all aspects of your life. More energy also allows you to remain present, which can enhance your relationships with the ones you love.

2. Better Immune Function

A happy liver = a happy immune system! When your liver is doing its job to detox the body, your immune system won’t become overburdened. You might even get sick less often!

3. Potential Weight Loss

Your liver helps metabolize what you eat. When you are efficiently and effectively using the energy and nutrients from your food, your body is less likely to hold onto excess weight.

4. Overall Better Health

You just feel good! You might also notice your sleep improve and your mood improve when you do a liver detox or cleanse.

Try Your First Liver Cleanse Today!

A cleanse offers time for your body to rest and restore. Maybe it’s exactly what you need to start this year off right. At Nosh Detox, we believe that treating your body right is of the utmost importance. You only get one body. Taking charge of your life and your health is crucial to ensure your body functions as it should. This way, you can get the most out of each and every day.

Obtain your 4-day liver cleanse programme today. Consider doing this cleanse four times a year for the best results.