Either eat before you fly or buy to eat on the flight.

1. Invest in a good quality raw green salad - multicoloured is best as it will provide a variety of nutrients. This bumps up your oxygen levels, your digestive actions and keeps your elimination working. Beats the bloat basically. If you are going on a long flight, buy one to go onboard with you. Go easy on the dressing.

2. Buy chopped fruit to take on board. Eat as much as you can bear of it spread across the flight - but not after a meal. [On my 11 hour LA flights I take on board a large salad and two different fruit pots as a minimum]

3. If you want to drink alcohol, try and have a glass of wine with your meal before you fly. I have found this to have almost no effect on the body. And it'll still put you to sleep if you need it. [what is it with sleeping sitting up? I hate people who can do that!]




1. Drink a large glass of water for every hour - by which I mean two of those airline glasses at least. [I know the loo's are horrid, just get over it]
2. Avoid alcohol. Seriously if you must, just have 1 drink and promise yourself a blow-out when you land.
3. Don't eat airline food. If for any reason you have to, pre-order an Asian Vegetarian meal. Test have shown it's one of the few meal options that tastes good in the air, and it will satiate you. Why veggie? Well its just easier for the body to break down and helps your poor digestion.
4. This is the weirdest trick I've ever heard but it does seem to work. Put brown paper bags on your feet under your socks on the flight. Seriously I have no idea why - Debbie Moore who started Pineapple Dance Studios told me to do this - and when I remember, it works!



1. Download this brilliant free app called Jetlag Rooster and follow the sleep plan. It's really clever.
2. Go for a walk barefoot in the grass before you start your day. Do this for a couple of days. It grounds you into the energy of the country you're in very swiftly. Fabulous.