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Stop Giving Up On Yourself

Do you find yourself thinking...

I can’t do that! The last time I tried it to change, I screwed up and it hurt me!

You get too scared to try again. After all what is the point? It didn’t work and you’ve tried so many times you’re exhausted just thinking about it!

Changing your life is just not for you……..or it will be another thing to add to your list…….that you will get to….when you have the time to look at it. At the moment you are too stuck doing the stuff you have to get through every day……....

When you sit down to actually think about the mistakes you have made, again and again, it’s easy to despair. Every time you start with new hope and yet that gym membership lapses, that date peters out, that new habit dies and you feel so trapped that it's almost impossible (and feels too painful) to work out what you need to be doing to get results NOW.

I get it...

And giving up does feel easier than changing your life because it is! In the short term.

But in the long term it’s deeply depressing and can actually prevent you from putting yourself in a position to make progress. The line of thinking is...


"Well I've tried that and it doesn’t work for me. What's the point in trying again just to fail? I don't have time to feel that bad again…..."

It is a scientific fact (I’m full of them at the moment!) that our brains believe that anything is real. Whether it is or not. So when you remember an old failure again and again, your brain thinks it’s real NOW.

And to protect you it will do almost anything to stop us hurt or fail again. In your case, it's not that you're bound to fail, it’s that you have to change the thinking pattern before you take any more action.

Particularly when you’re trying to do something new and scary……

I had a diagnostic session with Amy, who wanted to sort out her relationship with her body and to food. She also wanted to create strong mental habits.

Here's what she had to say after our session:

"I got some great simple tools I can use every day.

It helped me to look at my problem from a different angle in a way I haven’t previously thought about. Geeta is incredibly knowledgeable and I felt she was truly compassionate about my issue." Amy N.

Here is the lesson from this –

If you have 100% certainty in the value of the change you are wanting to make– you never stop until you succeed.

After all you learnt how to walk and talk didn’t you???

I can help you get to a place where you know the EXACT steps to take to succeed and get more energy. 

My best wishes,



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