Take a compliment...Please?

Take a compliment...Please?

When someone compliments you what do you do?

Let me tell you because I love, love complimenting people. Without fail, and I mean 100% of the time, every time I compliment a woman she will push it away.


Yes, I know I'm shouting but it drives me batty! And no, don't try and hide, you've done this too.

Here are some examples:

1. Your hair looks amazing! Oh really? But it's so oily it really needs a wash.

2. You have gorgeous eyes! Oh, but I wish I could see better you know?

3. That dress is amazing! What this? I got it in Zara for £20!

4. Gosh you got through that [task] so quickly, well done! Oh it was really easy anyone could have done it.

Really? I mean really?

I actually recorded a video on this and had to delete it cos I thought I was yelling too much on it................. :) Please, please I beg of you hear this one thing. There are so many people out there willing and happy to do you down.

Why would you join them?


Here is what we are ALL going to do next week.

1. We are going to compliment at least one person a day,

2. We are also (and this is the hard part) when we get a compliment - going to..................say 'Thank you'. And then shut up.

No I mean it. Just shut up after those words and smile beautifully.

I know its hard, I know it'll take practise, but just do it. You'll thank me later.

My daughter says this is weird. She says when you do that it's like you are agreeing with the person.

YES! Thats exactly what I want you to do. When someone is complimenting you, they are really saying - I like you. Don't turn that away.

BTW .........You ARE amazing. You DO look gorgeous. You DO have great hair.

When you agree with your inner amazingness, you grow in strength and power.

I want this for you.

Have a lovely week!