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Taking Ownership Leads To Better Results

Taking control of your life is one thing, but if your mind is not aligned with what you truly want out of life… you will never reach the level of success you desire.

Understand a thought process - your body, your mind and your emotions…

All of it is aligned.

I want you to behave and understand as though you have ONE pot of consciousness

And in that pot of consciousness, sits everything about how you feel about yourself.

Now you can sit there and think at any moment in time, “Gosh, I’m having a great hair day”

And in the other moment “OMG I hate my body”

We’re capable of constantly having those conflicting thoughts.

But what we don’t understand, is that they all go in the same place, which lives inside you.

And what’s inside you is how you FEEL and what you are going to create with anything that you touch.

Can you see that the negative emotion is going to pull down anything positive that you put in there.

So there are instances where it doesn’t matter how much success you’ve created, anything negative in your pot of consciousness will bring that down.

It doesn’t matter how much success you seem to have, if your pot is polluted with any negativity… that is what you will lead with

The work is turning up the positivity in your pot of consciousness, so that you can become more successful but most importantly FEEL the level of success that you are.

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