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The 5 Alert Signals You Shouldn't Ignore

When we get sick we quite naturally, immediately look to our bodies for the problem.

But what if we start with this question - When you get sick is it a physical problem or an emotional problem?



I spoke with a client today who has laryngitis. It turned out that every time she went to visit her boyfriend, she would get sick. When we probed, we found out that she hated how dirty her boyfriends house was.

But she didn't feel she could do anything about it as it wasn't her house, and that she particularly couldn't SAY anything about it.

It so infuriated her that his place was untidy, dusty and unclean that it made her ill every time she went there.

But how to speak this? She felt she couldn't.

So, she didn't and ultimately she 'lost her voice'.

When we unpacked the issue and understood how she could have the conversation, her voice got stronger and stronger.


Does that not sound ultimately consequential - Don't speak, can't speak?

When we do get sick, a good place to start is to look to our emotions to see where we feel weak, unheard, unspoken. 

Everything in our lives is created by us, from within us. Despite our urge to blame others for much of our lives. :)

Particularly around illness, pain and other physical issues.

Ultimately we are responsible for our interactions with the outside world and we attach our own emotional significance to every interaction.

These are not new ideas, Louise Hay wrote about this over a 20 years ago in Heal Your Body

Let me ask you do you usually get sick?

Is it your voice - where are you not speaking?

Is it your tummy - what are you finding hard to absorb about your life?

Is it a particular time of year at work? Where do you feel overwhelmed and unable to speak up?

Now lets be clear, I am not saying its your fault you are sick.

What I am saying is that before you get sick, there were many, many signs on the way which we ignore. And then when we ignore them, only then, do we get sick.

Here are some signs:

  • waking up tired
  • having no energy
  • being exhausted all the time
  • struggling with overwhelm
  • feeling empty inside

I know you are too busy to deal with this - so if you have a headache - you take a pill and get on with it.

But lets be clear, not one of you would keep driving a car with no petrol in it - you would rush to refuel it. And that is what those signs above are trying to tell you.

There's some small thing that its better to fix now. Before it gets bigger and harder to fix. [Like your car stopping dead in the middle of the road]

It's not always easy to find what the problem is but that's why I am here.

If you don't know where to start let me help you get clarity..........

"To help you focus in on, and identify, the one thing you can do right now, that will make everything else further down the road easier or unnecessary."

It's a powerful conversation to have and gives you back control and feels extremely liberating when you do it on a 45 minute strategy session with me.

Book a call with me here.

Speak soon.

My Best,


CEO & Founder

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