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The Balance Technique - Finding Balance In Your Life

Top tips to create a balanced life.  Finding balance involves strategies for your life, and get your life back.  Tried and tested simple life hacks to be more successful at creating balance.  Try our efficient system ‘The Balance Technique’.

The most important word in the title is balance. It’s difficult to master, right? A balanced diet, a balanced meal, a work life balance (pha…whatever that is) everything comes down to balance…or does it?

Personally, I would say it comes down to planning with an element of balance. Because you’d surely recognize and plan you’d need more balance in your life to enable you to get it?

There's a saying that goes "when you fail to plan, you plan to fail' and that is more true of self-care than anything in the world.

From a young age, we’re planning, our next move, problem solving or how to overcome life’s daily challenges such as nappy changing. As a teen, we’re probably planning how to get our own way and what we’d like to do next in life… As an adult? What you’d like from life, the things you’d like to do, see and/or achieve! Now, I’m most certainty not saying that those plans won’t change, evolve or differ from person to person, but planning sounds so simplistic?!


Strategizing life, feelings, and emotions, but more importantly, striking that balance is extremely difficult! Which is why I’m now introducing you to ‘The Balance Technique’.

It all starts with control of the little things. Every small step decides the bigger journey. It has helped me through so much through life, so much… I now, automatically see how this fits into my life and I coordinate it effectively…daily depending on my overall goal and ambitions.

That’s why I created the Balance Sheet Technique to help me to put myself first in my life. I have 3 kids and an elderly parent and a house to run and a company to manage. I always ended up last in my life. And being sick made me incapable of doing what I needed to do. So, I had a lightbulb moment and realised I had to look after myself first

I call it my 'British Airways' moment. When they give you, the emergency talk they always say 'put the mask on your face before you put it on anyone else'. Why? Because if you are not capable then you cannot help anyone else.

The Balanced Sheet Technique came from this place. Download the Balance Sheet Today (we've split them into 2 so you can print them out easily):



I look forward to finding out if this technique has worked for you, how you’re feeling and how you’ve gotten on… please email me at and remember, it’s you’ve found this technique super useful, be sure to share the love and pass it on to someone you feel could do with some balance and planning in their life.

Best Wishes,

Geeta x

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