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The Benefits of Superfoods | Nosh Detox

The Benefits of Superfoods by Nosh DetoxSuperfoods are exactly what you think they are. Foods that are super! These foods are packed with many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to you and your overall health. There are superfoods for every one of your needs. There are some for heart health and others for skin resilient.

It is key not to eat too much of one superfood because then your body will have too much of a specific vitamin or mineral so striking that balance is super important to your overall health.


The Benefits of Superfoods

Superfoods are important to include in your diet for many reasons because there are a lot of nutritional value in eating superfoods. There're superfoods that can boost your metabolism, reverse diabetes, reduce inflammation and help you lose weight.

There are so many superfoods that can benefit your overall health. Chia seeds are super-high in fibre, one serving of 11 grams per ounce can provide the recommended fibre intake for the day. These small seeds can help boost your metabolism and burn belly fat as well.

Another superfood is the acai berries. These berries can boost skin health and are packed with antioxidants that are good for anti-aging.


 Baobab is another superfood that benefits   your skin. Baobab powder is a rich and high   source of Vitamin C which contributes to a   ‘normal’ release of energy, can help   strengthen your immunity and leave you with   radiant, glowing skin.


Many superfoods also aid in better mental performance. Some foods help you think more clearly and help reduce stress.

superfoods for brain

 Superfoods include spinach, beans, nuts, berries, avocados and many more. All of these foods can be easily added to your meals for a healthier lifestyle. Some nutritionists add them to their daily smoothies as well.

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