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The Most effective weight loss technique - It's NOT what you eat

The Most effective weight loss technique - It's NOT what you eat

Have you ever heard that saying it's not what you eat?

 Well generally that never comes up in terms of weight loss. We are led to believe again and again that weight loss is only about what you eat. In my 10 years of running Nosh Detox and helping women to lose between 3kgs and 24 kgs, it used to always flummox me what we couldn't get rid of all our weight gain.

Why did we plateau?
Why did those final pounds not shift?
And when you wake up day after day not liking how you look, its very insidious and totally demoralises you.

In today's video we are talking about the other 2 basic tenets of weight loss - how you eat and why you eat!

'Food is a comfort and an emotional part of life' - Geeta Sidhu-Robb

So, here is what you need to understand for easy weight loss and a really good exercise to help you systemise healthy habits.

10 Reasons you lose weight on VeganKeto


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